Wednesday, 30 November 2011


The picture of today is Josh's rainbow, he loves to paint.

Not much happened today, the weathers been cold and windy and the days been long, It's been strike day so Joshua got a free day off school, been a full day of entertaining. Hopefully tomorrow will  be more exciting. 

Muffins and Twilight....

So yesterday I woke up with an urge to bake, muffins it was, blueberry and raspberry to be exact.

While taking this picture, I thought to myself can I take a picture everyday of something? It could be as random as a tree or as relative of these muffins. So a picture a day is what I'm trying to go for, it could work.....

The other thing that happened yesterday other the freak storm of wind, hail and rain (no snow yet), was that  I was made to go see Breaking Dawn part 1 with my friends. When I say 'made' I mean that I'd seen the rest and read the books so thought I might aswell, I can't stop watching something in the middle of a saga. It was okay thats all really, it's still full of bad actors and Kristen Stewarts face moved about 2 times but I got through it, mainly because I made a comedy out of it with snide comments and laughing when they tried to act serious (they can't). Maybe it was the particular showing we went to see but I was quite surprised how many middle aged women were actually in the cinema, there is obviously a lot of closet Twilight fans.

Now I'm not going to sit here and say that I didnt love Twilight (the book) when it first came out, because I did. The film has always been shit. The book I liked though, but back then I had never read anything to do with vampires or the supernatural, so when I first read it I thought it was amazing. So of course when I broadened my reading material I saw how wrong I was. I mean vampires that sparkle and don't want to eat people? Wow how wrong I was. Now I read True Blood, Karen Chance, Anne Rice and a lot more well written books. Books that capture my attention and keep me wanting to read more.

Monday, 28 November 2011

What The.......

I was going to write down what kind of day I've had, kind of a normal Monday.
Son went to school, I looked for christmas presents (I think I'm doing well this year), cleaned, had dinner, the usual.

But then my brother put up a link from youtube of this woman on a tram. This woman makes me ashamed to be British and I'm usually quite all right with being British. The title reads 'Ignorant British Woman in Tram' but it should be more like 'Ignorant British Woman Lucky Shes Got Her Kid on Her Knee Because Shes Going to Get a Smack in Tram'. It shows her basically having a shouting match to anyone that will listen to her.

This women is either off her face or ill. I feel sorry for the child, this child is going to growup thinking his mother is right. I give praise to everyone on the tram in hearing distance for not stepping down to her level of stupidity and ignorance.

Years of building up equal rights in the world for it to come to this, an example of wasted time and energy. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but theres a time and a place and a line, I personally think she crossed it, shouting and using bad language in the middle of a tram journey is not going to get your point across, its going to make people feel disgusted with you. I'm disgusted with her, there are other people in different countries across the world right now watching this video and shes the one that is setting an example of British people? Hopefully they will not think that this is all British, certainly not me.

If people can't see that the world has changed and it is now 2011 they have serious issues and I cannot see how they are happy? I cannot see how they can live in this generation and still think like that, something must have gone wrong with them, somewhere. Anyway here is the video if you would like to see and voice your opinion of this woman......

Sunday, 27 November 2011

About Me

A little bit about me......

Where does anybody really start here? Name, description, likes dislikes?

My name is Charlotte, I'm 24, but very much still in the mind of my teenage years, I don't think I've changed my personality since I was 15/16, I've matured of course but still have the heart and soul of a person with their whole life ahead of them.

I have a 4 year old son, Joshua. Hes my world, the number one person in my life. He is incredible and never ceases to amaze me just about every day. Hes smart and cheeky and he makes me so proud to be his mother. He was a surprise but I never regret anything, I think I have embraced motherhood quite well, but he is a good child so that has helped immensely.

My likes are quite simple, reading probably number one, I love a lot of books, from the classics to the modern, from chick-lits to the supernatural and horror. I like series a lot, Charlaine Harris' being one of my favourites, the Sookie Stackhouse and Harper Connolly series are books that I can read over and over. Some of my other favourite authors are Lindsey Kelk, Karen Chance, Belinda Jones, Anne Rice, Cecelia Ahern, Sophie Kinsella, Larissa Ione and a hell of a lot more. I also like collecting recipe books, I love to cook, especially bake. It's quite a passion of mine to bake my favourites of cakes, cupcakes, muffins and pies. I wish in the future to make a business out of it.

I like American TV, I get American humour more than British. I don't think I watch any British TV because I just don't find it funny. My favourites at the moment are How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Glee, Modern Family, American Horror Story, Walking Dead, True Blood, Family Guy and quite a few more. I love comedy and the supernatural.
I also can watch the classics like Friends, Frasier, The Simpson's, Saved By The Bell, Boy Meets World and so on.

The only sport I like is motor sport, mostly F1, I get it from my mother, shes a huge fan. I think I've watched it from being a very young girl, shouting out for Damon Hill. Now 20 years on shouting out for Fernando Alonso or Bruno Senna. Not Sebastian Vettel, he's an amazing driver, obviously, but hes such a cocky little t**t that annoys me and he makes racing boring.
I occasionally like WRC ever since Kimi Raikkonen moved there. I like to keep an eye on it since Raikkonen is probably my favourite racing driver.
I guess I'm a little partial to the X games, I can't skateboard at all, I have no balance but I like skateboarding and motor cross. Also snowboarding, I would like to try that one day, I don't think snow would hurt as much as concrete when I fell, and I would fall.

My dislikes are very few, I hate clowns, I have a phobia of them. They just think they're so funny but they're not! I don't like people who complain a lot, even though I'm complaining about people who complain (that made sense in my head). I just don't understand how you cam be happy when you complain and moan so much? We only get one life and one chance I don't want to spend it complaining or being around people who moan. I also dislike people with no sense of humour, I'm a very happy person so I like to surround my self with happy people.

To say I don't really like talking about myself, I had a lot to say I guess. I have likes and dislikes but I'm a very open person as well. I willing to try new things and go new places, I like to see different places and see different views of the world. I'm a try anything once kinda person. I like to have different conversations from the funny to the serious to the down right stupid.

First Post

This is the first time I've ever written a blog, or diary for that matter. It's not really my sort of thing to write down things, especially not about myself. Its not because I'm a boring person, I don't think that at all. Its more of the fact I don't really talk about myself, I'd rather listen to other peoples stories, or tell people about other peoples stories. I tried it a couple of times, writing a diary, but I would forget to keep writing or just not be bothered to keep going.

So the reason for why I'm writing this? Why I'm writing something that's going to annoy me at some point in the near future? It was really a discussion with friends that started it off or maybe the film. We had just watched the film One Day (great film) and the conversation got onto the possibilities of seeing one day in our lives for a lot of years and of course the conversation progressed to keeping diaries just to see what we were doing this day last year. We discussed also what we had done this year trying to remember and realising we'd done a lot, more than we had realised. We reminisced about how much fun we'd had, the random days out, the great holidays, the funny bits, the moments we'd forgotten and how funny they were now. I thought about how great it would of been if I'd of written them moments somewhere so I can look back at the whole day and not just little snippets that I can just about remember, silly things that would of helped, like a single picture taken or why we were there in the first place. Even something simple like the weather that day.

I'd realised that this year had gone by so fast it's coming upto christmas yet again and soon it will be 2012, I feel that I've blinked and missed this year and I don't want that feeling again, I want to get to the end of 2012 and be able to look back at everything, even the little things like the weather and what mood I was in, I want to feel like I've at least lived in the year not just skipped over it to the end.

So I'm going to try and write in this blog/diary at least every week for an update, even if I did nothing that week, I'll write something so I know I didn't waste a year.